Trademark & Marketing Support

Prima+ studios may utilize Penny Prima® trademarks in advertising* to let parents know that they utilize FUNPenny Prima activities within their programs. They will also have access to the Penny Prima Marketing Toolkit with graphics, images, commercial videos, social media content and more to advertise their classes powered by Penny Prima.

Classroom Creative Support

Prima+ studios will have access to a collection of Shake It Up™ activities to enhance, refocus, and redirect their classes; themed seasonal and holiday activities; teacher training resources; a premium music library; and a premium coloring sheet collection.

Studio Business Support

Prima+ studios will receive regular webinars, coaching calls, and support for their teachers to offer excellent young dancer programs that will grow their student base and keep dancers returning year after year. Studios will have access to our Studio Success Associate for support implementing and utilizing Penny Prima® in their studios.

Penny Prima & Industry Discounts

Save over $500 per year with our membership offers!

Prima+ studios will level-up their retail opportunities with a larger affiliate commission and free shipping* on wholesale orders. In addition, subscribers will receive member-only discounts for competitions, studio support services, and much more.